There were 15 participating boats with 34 on board. 10 of the 15 boats assembled at the East Exe Buoy on Friday night, the other 5 having gone ahead. The long awaited moonlit crossing wasn’t to be , as the moon failed to show itself. A good crossing though saw us all in St.Peter Port, Guernsey with the added excitement of having seen dolphins, basking sharks and a pilot whale.
During the first week we visited St.Helier on Jersey, then Granville on the Normandy coast, which proved to be the stop that everyone enjoyed most, and onto St. Malo on the Brittany coast. It was decided after a two day stop here to make our way north. The weather had chucked everything at us from thunder , lightning and torrential rain to glorious sunshine, some wonderful exciting sailing in strong currents and days with the wind on the nose resulting in a fair bit of motor sailing.
The second week saw us return to Jersey and then across to Carteret on the Normandy coast. Here the group split up, with some going to Sark to anchor in Dixcart Bay for a B.B.Q on the beach, the others to St. Peter Port, where on the last two days 12 boats assembled waiting for the wind to become more favourable . 10 left on the Saturday morning to cross the channel together, to their preferred ports .
Everyone agreed that this cruise had been quite an experience. Socially we had many great get togethers in the yacht clubs. The sailing experience gained by all was immence. The crew of the yacht Termaric from Brixham Yacht Club were welcomed by all and hope to join us again. There were a few problems with radios not working, engine troubles, a picked up cargo net which resulted in a tow to St. Helier, a couple of falls and duckings from a dinghy and a canoe. The sense of achievement on all the boats was clear for all to see.
Congratulations to all those who were cruising this area for the first time.

The mileage for the trip was approximately 350 nautical miles.

                                                                          Jenny and Brian Sampson - Slowcoach