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Posted - 17th August 22:15hrs......

Subject - Mackerel and Most Species Competition Postponement

A further postponement is necessary regarding this competition, due to take place on Saturday 19th, and Sunday 20th August.
New dates are to be Saturday 2nd, and Sunday 3rd September, weather permitting.

Mike - Fishing Secretary.

Posted - 18th August 11:40hrs......

Subject - Bass Competition Results

The Bass Competition was fished over the weekend of the 12/13th of August, and I’m sorry to say there is not a great deal to report on!
Saturday the wind picked up, and not many got out to fish. No fish were recorded.
On Sunday the weather was much better and although there were several boats out, the only Bass recorded was caught by Steve Marks. His Bass, which he caught on a local wreck, measured 43.5 centimetres. Steve returned it alive, well done.

Mike - Fishing Secretary.

Posted - 2nd August 20:15hrs......

Subject - Mackerel and Most Species Competition New Dates

New dates are to be Saturday 19th, and Sunday 20th August, weather permitting.

Mike - Fishing Secretary.

Posted - 20th July 11:40hrs......

Subject - Mackerel and Most Species Competition Postponement

This weekend's Mackerel and Most Species Competition is postponed due to the likeyhood of unfavourable weather. New dates will be confirmed.

Mike - Fishing Secretary.

Posted - 1st July 21.15hrs......

Subject - Conger Competition Results

The annual Conger Competition was fished on the weekend of the 17th/18th of June.

Despite ideal weather conditions and good tides, only three eels were recorded on the club fish board.
All three were caught from my boat, “Our Molly”, by John Murphy, Tony McGuire and myself on the Saturday.
After failing to catch any fresh Mackerel to use for bait we anchored up on a little bit of rough ground just four miles out from straight point. Using some frozen Mackerel, caught last year, and squid cocktail on the hook, we managed to catch a Doggy and a Cuckoo Wrasse. After a couple of hours we finally managed to catch the first eel. In total we hooked ten eels !
The heaviest fell to John, with a personal best of 35lb-8oz. You can imagine the fun we had trying to get THAT in the landing net, then trying to weigh it. It did make one attempt to escape through one of the scuppers, but failed.
Tony had the next best with an eel of 25lb. Tony also managed to keep his thumb out of it's mouth, unlike last years comp!
Yours truly was third with a 16lb eel.

A quick mention should be made about the dedication shown by John Hall on his boat “Blue Mist”. John went out Saturday afternoon with a couple of our more senior members of the club, with the intention of targeting the bigger Conger and Squid during the night !!
No Squid were caught, and No Congers were recorded !! What happened? Was anyone even awake?

Well done chaps.That’s it for now.

Mike - Fishing Secretary.

Posted - 9th June 20.15hrs......

Subject - Flatfish Competition Results

The second competition of the season went ahead on the weekend of the 27th-28th of May, for the heaviest Flatfish.

On the Saturday there was quite a brisk South Westerly wind, which kept boats in the river, fishing from moorings. Steve Cowell, whilst fishing from a mooring north of the pontoon, caught a Flounder which weighed 1lb 1.4oz. This was enough to give him third place in the competition and 8 Accumulator Points.

But on Sunday the wind had calmed down considerably, which made it possible to get out of the river and fish for the Plaice. Several boats fished around the Straight Point area and caught a few fish.
During the day I, managed to bring four Plaice to the boat, the best weighing 2lb 1.2oz, and gave me 10pts in the Accumulator.
Second place went to Geoff Munson. Geoff, fishing for the first time from his boat “Dancing Queen”, landed two Plaice, the best weighing 1lb 5oz, giving him 9pts. Well done Geoff.
Steve Cowell also managed to catch a couple of Plaice, but they were not as heavy as the Flounder he had the previous day. The only other fish recorded was caught by Carolyn Whiting and weighed 13oz, but still worth 7pts in the Accumulator Competition.

Next Competition is Conger Comp on 17th - 18th June. This competition does NOT count towards the Accumulator.
Fish may be weighed on board, and released where necessary.

Mike - Fishing Secretary.

Posted - 11th May 12:30hrs......

Subject - Flatfish Competition Postponement

This weekend's Flatfish Competition is postponed until the weekend 27th and 28th May. Hopefully the weather will be better for us then. New date clashes with Newton Spring Boat Jumble, on the Saturday, but will still be a good comp if the weather is nice.

Mike - Fishing Secretary.

Posted - 28th April 17:15 hrs......

Subject - Pollack Competition Results

Well done to all those who fished the Pollack Competition over the weekend of the 22nd/23rd of April.
For a change the weather was kind to us, with light winds and a calm sea.
I am pleased to say that there were a lot more fish brought to the scales compared to last years Competition.

Roger Bird takes top honours and ten points in the Competition Accumulator, with a Pollack of 9lb 7.5oz, which was caught on Sunday, whilst fishing from his own boat “Lady Bird”. Roger’s wife, Paula, also weighed in a fish of 3lb which is worth 4 points in the Accumulator.
On the Saturday there were two good fish weighed in by Colin Dell & Steve Marks. Colin had a Pollack of 8lb 10oz, caught from his boat “Dream Catcher” and worth 8 points, but was narrowly beaten by Steve’s fish, 8lb 11oz, which he caught from John Hall’s boat “Blue Mist”.
On Sunday I took out Steve Cowell & Carolyn, my wife, aboard “Our Molly”. We all managed to catch a few Pollack, but Carolyn had the heaviest of 6lb 13oz, giving her 7 points, followed by Steve, 4lb 8oz, 6 points, and finally me with a fish of 4lb 6oz, worth 5 points.

Mike - Fishing Secretary.

Posted - 27th April 21:15 hrs......

Subject - Newton Abbot Spring Boat Jumble

Only £20.00 for a 15' x 15' Stand. Children and Car Parking are free. Public gates open at 10.00am.

Russ - Publicity and Website Coordinator.

Posted - 8th April 00:30hrs......

Subject - Pollack Competition

This weekends comp is postponed until the weekend 22nd and 23rd April. Hopefully the weather will be better for us then.

Mike - Fishing Secretary.

Posted - 21st January 13:30 hrs......

Subject - Recreational Bass Fishing for 2017

Please click this link for Angling Trust's official line on what the 2017 regulations will be.
For recreational fishermen the rule remains exactly the same as 2016. That is, 'Catch and Release' only from January - June, and 1 Bass per angler per day, from July to December. Minimum size 42cms.

2017 Recreational Bass Regulations

Russ - Publicity and Website Coordinator.

Posted - 24th January 13:0hrs......

Subject - 2017 SFCC Record Fish List

As of 1st January Club Record Fish List can be viewed / downloaded / printed, by clicking here

Please note this list also shows records caught since year 2000, and you won't see this in the Blue Book.

Russ - Website Administrator.

Posted - 24th January 12:30hrs......

Subject - 2017 Minimum Retention Sizes

2017 Angling Trust's Minimum Retention Sizes can be viewed / downloaded / printed, by clicking here

Please note this list is just the Angling Trust recommended sizes. Fisheries legislation may be slightly different.

Russ - Website Administrator.

Posted - 21st January 14:30hrs......

Subject - 2017 Angling Trust South Devon Specimen Weights

2017 Angling Trust's country wide specimen list can be viewed / downloaded / printed, by clicking here

Russ - Website Administrator.

Posted - 21st January 13:30hrs......

Subject - 2016 Fishing Trophy Winners

Please find image here.

Russ - Website Administrator.

Posted - 21st January 13:30hrs......

Subject - 2017 Proposed Fishing Schedule

Please find image here, but if you require a download you will find one on 2017 Fishing Schedule page.
The link is at top of this page.

Russ - Website Administrator.

Posted - 21st January 2017 13:30hrs......

Subject - 2017 Fishing Latest

With the new season approaching, Fishing Latest webpage has been stripped back, and is now awaiting for things to say.

Previous Fishing Latest reports can still be found online, simply by Copy and Pasting from the following list;









Russ - Website Coordinator.