Channel Islands Whitsun Cruise 2005

The Whit Cruise proved to be very popular again this year with 13 boats
setting sail from the Dart.

     Slowcoach - Brian and Jenny Sampson with John and Cath Cook.
     Brandy Bottle - Paddy and Kerry Smith.
     Buckshee - John Addison.
     Ashanta - Peter Boyle.
     Eise - David and Judith Chamberlain + 2.
     Seabird of Bute - Dermot Nolan and Tim Rothwell.
     Aeolus of Exe - Richard and Debbie Boobier + 1.
     Fedora - Steve and Rosie Kendall + 2.
     ZigZag - Tony Leigh and Alan Coombs.
     Kalulu - Chris and Liz Godfrey.
     Gallavanti - Dave and Angie Gill.
     Zackly - Rod and Sandra Hare + 1.
     Wellyboots - Simon Gammon and Fiona Swan.

Two boats left on the Saturday, but the majority decided to wait until the weather had improved and the sea calmer.
It was an early start on Sunday with everyone gathering at the Castle Ledge Buoy at 0515 hrs. The wind having now eased off, we found ourselves motor sailing all the way to St. Peter Port. After a short wait on the holding pontoon we all tied up in the Victoria Marina.
Monday night saw a large group descend on 'Moores' for a carvery followed by a visit to The Guernsey Yacht Club to discuss plans.
Tuesday afternoon 8 boats headed for St. Helier, Jersey, which was yet another motor sail.
We all had Wednesday in port with 12 of us meeting at the very pleasant Kings Restaurant in town.
Everyone headed back to St.Peter Port, or Herm, on the Thursday. The 5 boats at Herm had a fantastic BBQ that night on the beach, organised by Alan Coombs.
The weather upto now had been very kind to us but things had begun to change, and on Friday afternoon we headed for the safety of St. Peter Port. 4 boats left for the Dart.
The weather was foul on Saturday, but after a final visit to the yacht club we decided Sunday would be OK. Leaving early in the morning we had an exhilarating sail back to the Exe with a steady SW 5/6, in a moderate sea, the whole way.

So ended a most enjoyable week spent on the Channel Islands and in pleasant company.
                                                                     Jenny Sampson - Slowcoach