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Russ - SFCC Publicity & Website Administrator.

Posted - 14th January 19.45hrs......

Subject - Hugh's Fish Fight.

Recently highlighted on TV by Hugh Fernley Whittingstall, here's a link to a webpage where you can chose to vote for change.
Thank's to Pete Harmer for sending on this information.


Posted - 20th October 19.45hrs......

Subject - Whiting Competition /Accumulator Competition - Results.

Our last competition for 2010 was the Whiting held on Sunday 17th October with 17 people fishing aboard 10 boats.
Only 5 points separated the top 3 in the Accumulator Competition so it was important to get an early start.
With a swell of 4-5ft fishing had to be done on the drift, and it wasn't until around mid day that the swell dropped down enabling people to fish at anchor.
It was nice to see some larger fish coming on board and the biggest of these was a fine Whiting of 2lb 4.8oz caught by John Hall on his own boat “Blue Mist”.
After the final weigh in and with points added to the accumulator table, John Hall was just pipped by Carolyn Whiting by one point to be overall Competition Champion, 29 points to 30.

John Astill, Fishing Secretary.

Posted - 11 October 16.55hrs......

Subject - Whiting Competition - Rescheduled.

New dates are now Saturday 16th October, or Sunday 17th if the better day.

Don't forget it's Silver Eel Evening Competition on Friday 15th October, fun fishing and for just a few hours in the evening. Poster suggests start at 18.00 to about 22.00. Weigh-in Brunel Tower before a debrief at the club bar.

More details, if required, from John Astill Tel. 07503 004450.


Posted - 28th September 18.30hrs......

Subject - Fish Filleting for Everyone.

The following is an interesting link to a professional fish filleter going about his work.
You need to select English Language, (top right hand corner), before you start and unfortunately some of videos are in Dutch, but it's still too good not to see. Pretty much all species are covered here, from Mackerel to Monkfish to Gurnard, and just about everything else we sometimes catch too.


Thanks to Kevin Rouse for finding the link to share.


Posted - 27th September 22.25hrs......

Subject - Ladies / Men's Bass & Wrasse Weekend Competition - Results.

Day 2 of the Ladies and Men’s Bass and Wrasse Competitions were held together on Sunday 26th September.

I think we all now realise that Autumn is upon us with the cold mornings. Some, who were up early, had the taste of their first frosty morning.
As the day went on the sun came out and it ended up being a beautiful day, with flat seas too.

The Bass were a bit more co-operative than last week with the inshore marks fishing well. Alas, for those who fished the wrecks, they had little to show for their efforts.
Others who fished familiar inside marks were rewarded with Wrasse and Bass though none topped the best Men’s Bass caught on Day 1 last week.

The biggest Bass of Day 2 was 3lb 11.4oz and caught by Carolyn Whiting, aboard “Devon Maid”. This won the Ladies Bass Competition and was the second best overall too.
Dan Pike, on “Starshine”, won the Men’s Bass Competition with his Day 1 Bass of 4lb 2oz.

Ballan and Cuckoo Wrasse were actually brought to the scales on Days 1, (earlier error accepted), and 2.
The overall winner of the Wrasse Competition was Kevin Rouse, “Emily Jane”, with a Ballan Wrasse of 3lb 8.4oz . This only very narrowly beat a Cuckoo Wrasse specimen of 0lb 14oz caught by Oliver Anthony aboard “TinTin”.
The best Wrasse weighed in by a lady was Catherine Rouse, “Emily Jane”, a Ballan Wrasse of 2lb 5.2oz.

It was nice to see three of our sailing members participating aboard “Celtic Breeze”.
To their credit they caught a Bass and Wrasse, though sadly both were a little too small to count.
But they did catch a species none other of our members have yet managed, this being a Kayak fisherman who had been minding his own business and quite happily fishing at anchor.
After being keel-hauled under their boat he emerged from the stern muttering “b ……… sailors”, or something similar.

We had 11 boats participating on Day 2, with 27 people fishing.

Next competition, and your final chance to gain Competition Accumulator Points, is the Whiting Competition. It’s scheduled for Saturday 9th October, (Sunday 10th if the better day).

John Astill, Fishing Secretary.

Posted - 19th September 23.55hrs......

Subject - Ladies / Men's Bass & Wrasse Weekend Competition - 1 Day Fished.

Day 1 of the Ladies and Men’s Bass and Wrasse Competitions were held together on Saturday 18th September.

The day started with a clear sky, flat sea and light winds, everything seemingly set for a good day on the water. But someone had forgotten to tell the Bass to be there, so as to make our day a really good one.
There were 28 members in total taking part aboard 14 boats, split between our local wrecks and people fishing their favourite inshore marks.

However, only 4 Bass were weighed in, and with the biggest of these being 4lb 2oz and the smallest at 1lb 8.4oz, there is everything to play for next weekend, again weather permitting, including for any of you who couldn't make it this time.
And interestingly no Wrasse came to the scales at all.

The intention now is to select the best single day next weekend, Saturday 25th / Sunday 26th, which will enable us to complete these Ladies and Men’s Competitions.
Notice of which day it will be is likely to be advised at short notice, so please be vigilant.

More details, if required, from John Astill Tel. 07503 004450.


Posted - 15th September 17.45hrs......

Subject - Men's Bass & Wrasse Weekend Competition - Rescheduled.

New dates for this fishing competition are Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th September.
Weather permitting it will run side by side with the Ladies Bass & Wrasse Weekend.

More details, if required, from John Astill Tel. 07503 004450.


Posted - 2nd September 20.50hrs......

Subject - Ladies Bass & Wrasse Weekend Competition - Rescheduled.

Due to more unsuitable weather forecast for the weekend it has been decided to once again postpone this event.
New dates are now Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th September.

More details, if required, from John Astill Tel. 07503 004450.


Posted - 29th August 22.30hrs......

Subject - Black Bream Competition - Results.

The day started off with light North West winds and the sun shining. It was nice to see so many club members competing.There were a total of 10 boats and 19 members fishing.
Unfortunately the Bream did not realize the effort we were putting in to catch them as only 5 were caught. The biggest of these was a fine Bream of 3lb 4.4oz caught by Kevin Rouse, with Lee Pearson coming in 2nd with a Bream of 1lb 15oz and Tommy Dell 3rd with a Bream of 1lb 11.2oz.
With the normal Doggies and Mackerel being caught it was nice to see a few other species such as Cuckoo Wrasse, 2 Smooth Hounds, and a Red Gurnard coming over the side.
But as the day wore on so the weather began to change, with the winds picking up from the North West. We all knew we were going to have a very bumpy ride back, although this did not deter people from staying out and trying to catch the elusive Bream.


Posted - 20th August 20.00hrs......

Subject - Ladies Bass & Wrasse Weekend Competition - Rescheduled.

Due to another poor forecast for the weekend it has been decided to once again postpone this event.
New dates are now Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th September.

More details, if required, from John Astill Tel. 07503 004450.


Posted - 11th August 18.15hrs......

Subject - Men's Most Species Competition - Result Update.

Though a draw with 8 species was called on the day it has now been decided that Lee, having caught a Dragonet too, means he deserves to be the winner of the Most Species Competition. Dragonets are officially a mini species, and don't normally have recognition in any other club weighing-in.
Kevin Rouse's 8 species were Mackerel, Bass, Pouting, LS Dogfish, Garfish, Pollack, Cuckoo and Ballan Wrasse.


Posted - 9th August 19.00hrs......

Subject - Men's Mackerel & Most Species Competition - Results.

Our latest competition was very well supported with 16 fishing on 10 boats, and with 12 actually weighing fish in too.
Members boats were spread out over a wide area from Hopes Nose to Budleigh, and also taking in the Tardice Rough.

A light West/Northwest wind in the morning turned around to the South West in the afternoon.

There was an in boat challenge going on between Lee and Kevin on “Emily Jane” for the most species, with positions changing throughout the day, only to tie at the end with 8 species each. Terry Haydon, “Megabite” was the next closest with 4 species.
Lots of Mackerel were weighed in on the day too, and it was John Hall, "Blue Mist", who had the best at 1lb 2.2oz.

The table below combines the Ladies and Men’s Mackerel results for the 6 Competition Accumulator. And the one underneath is the current standings in the Accumulator, after 3 competitions so far.

John Astill, SFCC Fishing Secretary.

Posted - 6th August 18.45hrs......

Subject - Men's Mackerel & Most Species Competition - Update.

With better looking weather, and a slightly better tide too, it has been decided this competition will run on Sunday 8th August (as opposed to on Saturday 7th).
More details, if required, from John Astill Tel. 07503 004450.


Posted - 2nd August 19.30hrs......

Subject - SFCC vs EDSFC Interclub Competition 2010 - Results

This year saw a change in how this competition was run. It was to be a best specimen fish competition with each club weighing in the 2 best fish caught by members on the day.
It was a brilliant day, followed by an excellent social evening arranged by Exmouth Deep Sea Fishing Club.
There were 8 boats from our club, with 18 fishermen on board, and 6 boats with 14 members from EDSFC.
The day started with a bit of a westerly breeze which dropped to a light wind by about 10am.
Much friendly verbal banter between members on the VHF during the day was good to hear.
SFCC targeted different species and this paid off well. Our winning 2 species were a Conger of 40lbs, which represented 100% specimen weight, caught by John Hall "Blue Mist" at anchor on a wreck, and a Grey Mullet, caught by Bill Searles "Impenza" in the River Exe, weighing 3lb 7.5oz and representing 81.62%. So our total was 181.62%. EDSFC top fish was a nice Black Bream of 2lb 2oz equalling 60.71% and a LS Dogfish weighing 1lb 13oz at 60.42%. Their combined percentage was 121.13%.
Over 20 from each club attended the evening function at the Country House, Exmouth. The food and entertainment was enjoyed by everyone.

SFCC's next competition is the Men's Mackerel and Most Species Competition on Saturday 7th August, or Sunday 8th, if it's the better day.
Only your heaviest Mackerel need come to the scales. Species should be correctly identified, and declared on the fishboard by the stated weighing in time (18.00hrs).
More details, if required, from John Astill on 07503 004450.

John Astill, SFCC Fishing Secretary.

Posted - 19th July 18.45hrs......

Subject - Ladies Mackerel & Most Species Competition 17th July 2010 - Results

Conditions were just acceptable on the day to go ahead with this competition. Just 4 ladies took part but they seemed to enjoy the day, which was nice.
Fish were really hard to come by unfortunately, although a good few Pollack and Mackerel were caught.
Carolyn Whiting brought the best Mackerel to the scales at 10.6oz, and Becky LeMilliere declared 4 different species, so she was the winner there. Well done to those who participated.

Next competition is the Interclub with Exmouth Deep Sea Club on Sunday 1st August.
Best two species of each team added together to win the trophy.
More details, if required, from John Astill.


Posted - 15th July 17.30hrs......

Subject - Ladies Mackerel & Most Species Competition 10th July 2010 - Re-scheduled.

Due to a poor forecast on the day, our Ladies Mackerel & Most Species Competition has now been re-scheduled for Saturday 17th July, or Sunday 18th, if it's the better day.

link to next competition poster

Sorry for the last posting. Russ.

Posted - 9th July 10.00......

Subject - Exe Regatta Fishing Competition - Saturday 3rd July - Results.

There was considerable interest in the competition this year with 68 entries fishing from dozens of boats.
The result sheet link below shows all the fish that were weighed in. It serves to demonstrate the variety of species available to us. The footnote picture is of John Hall, winner of the competition, and looking rather pleased with himself.

2010 Exe Regatta Fishing Competition Results.


Posted - 14th June 00.01......

Subject - Conger Competition - Saturday 12th June - Results.

There were 14 fishermen and 8 boats out fishing.
A total of 10 congers were caught in all, 4 over 20lbs, with the biggest being 33lb, by Stuart Green on "Blue Mist", caught on a rough ground mark about 5 miles south of Budleigh.
The early Northerly wind dropped off at about 10 o'clock, which left us with a beautiful calm and hot sunny day, but a Southerly wind started to pick up again at about 3 o'clock, and everyone started to make their way back to port soon after this.

John Astill, Fishing Secretary.

Posted - 27th May 09.45......

Subject - Flatfish Competition and Accumulator Latest Results.

Russ - PP John Astill, Fishing Secretary.

Posted - 16th April 21.00......

Subject - Flatfish Competition Results.

Expectations on the day were high. The weather, and forecast was good too.
It was an excellent turnout of 12 boats and 23 anglers fishing. The target fish were Plaice outside of the river, or Flounder in the Exe itself.
Weather during the morning was good, sunny with a light Northerly wind, but in the afternoon we had cloud and a cool Sou'westerly breeze which chopped the sea up a bit.
Despite all efforts only 2 flatfish were landed on the day. A Plaice of 9.4oz from the Sandy Bay area by Tommy Dell, "Popeye", and a Flounder of 14.2oz in the Estuary by Carolyn Whiting on "Devon Maid".
So perhaps not quite the competition we had hoped for, but a good day out just the same.

Latest Accumulator totals will be advised on this web page, as well as under the fishboard in the Brunel Fishroom, in due course.

Russ - PP John Astill, Fishing Secretary.

Posted - 30th April 13.15......

Subject - Dartmouth Bank Holiday Cruise and Fishing Day.

With a unsuitable forecast for the planned fishing day on Sunday it has unfortunately been decided to abandon the event this time around. Apologies for any dissapointment.

Russ - PP Paul LeMilliere.

Posted - 28th April 23.59......

Subject - Saturday 3rd July 2010 - Exe Regatta Fishing Competition.

In conjunction with Exmouth Deep Sea Fishing Club we are arranging another Best Specimen Fishing Competition as part of the Exe Regatta Weekend
Please see below for event poster, and also application download for the event.

2010 Exe Regatta Fishing Competition Poster.

2010 Exe Regatta Fishing Competition Entry.


Posted - 18th April 22.15 ...

Subject - Saturday April 17th 2010 - Pollack Competition.

The weekend forecast was for a light, locally moderate, E/SE breeze, so it always looked like our fishermen might be keen to get out and fish on the Saturday.
There was a bit of an easterly swell in the morning, though later on in the day we had sunshine and lighter winds, which was nice too.
8 of our boats, with 15 fishing, was a really good beginning of the season turnout.

However, Pollacking on our inshore wrecks has become noticably harder in recent years, and those fishing did find catching any size of Pollack difficult, to say the least.
Well done to all those who caught anything resembling a quality fish.

To see the winning fish on the day please click here for the Fishing Pictures webpage.
Competition results sheet is below, subsequent to the day's weighing-in.

John Astill - SFCC Fishing Secretary.

Posted - 28th March 21.15 BST......

Subject - Saturday January 16th 2010 - Presentation Photos.

For any who might have missed the front page link to the 2010 Presentation of Trophies photos, here it is again.
Please click here for the webpage 2010 Presentation Photos.

Anyone who would like personal photos from the night are encouraged to contact me at bruneltower@aol.com with your request(s).


Posted - 6th February 18.30 hrs......

Subject - 2010 Fishing Competition Schedule

The 2010 list is now available to view and download online.

Please click here for the webpage Fishing Comps Schedule


Posted - 4th January 2010 18.30 hrs......

Subject - SFCC Trophy Presentation Night - Saturday 16th January

Details from our 2009 season fishboard have been collated, and we now know who has won what trophy.
However, all names will be remaining a secret until the night.

As always there will definately be some suprise winners, and along with our special humour awards you can never really be sure of what you may get to take home.

This is always a well supported evening for both fishermen and cruisers in the club, and the more of us that are there on the night the better, obviously.
Dermot Nolan, Cruising Secretary, and John Astill, Fishing Secretary, both put alot of effort into this evening.

Light buffet, after the presentation, will be served.