SFCC Brunel Landing Stage Etiquette for Members Use

N.B. This facility may only be used from 1st April to 31st October.

Short stay on the hammerhead offshore side is restricted to 2 hours.
No berthing is permitted on the inshore edge of the Hammerhead,
except for the SFCC Work/Safety boat.

Launching of dinghys are permitted from the upstream and downstream ends of the hammerhead,
as well as the inshore edge.

No berthing is permitted on a finger, unless by a berth-holder.

No berthing is permitted alongside the pontoon inshore of the 'bend', except on the bridging pontoon, where temporary berthing is allowed prior to accessing the wall, to take on water, etc.

No fishing is permitted at any time from any pontoon, or the hammerhead.

Please respect the structure, and other members needs, at all times.
If you make a mess then clean it up, and if you see a mess then please try to clean it up.

Should anyone wish to add their names to the list of interested members for a finger berth, then please contact Paddy Smith, brandybottle.paddy(at)hotmail.co.uk