SFCC Fishing Trophies

The Perpetual Challenge Trophy

  Pollack Competition Winner

The Jeffery’s Cup

  Flatfish Competition Winner

The Algiers Cup
  Men's Most Species Competition Winner
The Miller Cup
   Ladies Most Species Competition Winner
The Millennium Cup
  Men's Mackerel Competition Winner

The Fairway Cup

  Ladies Mackerel Competition Winner

The SFCC International Challenge Cup

  Conger Competition Winner

The Claridge Challenge Trophy

   Men's Bass Competition Winner

The Barry Noble Trophy
  Ladies Bass Competition Winner
The Whitbread Plaice Cup
  Plaice Competition Winner

The Lee Pearson Trophy

   Men's Wrasse Competition Winner

The Searle Cup

   Ladies Wrasse Competition Winner

The Carter Challenge Cup
  Bream Competition Winner
The Whiting Cup
  *Trophy Currently Rested - Whiting Competition Winner

SFCC / EDSFC Interclub Sea Fishing Cup

  The Inter-Club Competition. - Best 2 Specimens



The Tribe Heaviest Wreck Pollack Cup    The Anthony Cup

   Heaviest Wreck Pollack                                Heaviest Bream 

The Roberts Challenge Cup               The Presidents Trophy

   Heaviest Shark of the Year                           Heaviest Plaice           

The Surrey Challenge Cup                        SFCC Pout Cup

  Heaviest Pollack Rough Ground                   Heaviest Pouting


  The Geoffrey Claridge Challenge Trophy

   Heaviest Men's Bass of the Year

  The Williams Cup                                
    Heaviest Ladies Bass of  the Year

  The Exwell Challenge Cup
    Heaviest Skate

  The Robert Pine Memorial Trophy

   Heaviest Mackerel of the Year

  The Estuary Cup

   Heaviest Individual Catch of Flat Fish (Upto 4 fish bag)

  The Bosun’s Cup

   Heaviest Individual Catch of Deep Sea Fish (Upto 4 fish Bag)

  The Barnett Trophy

   Heaviest Flounder of the Year

  The John Biddlestone Cup

   *Trophy Currently Rested - Best Shore Bass 

  The SFCC Shore Challenge Cup

   *Trophy Currently Rested - Best Shore Specimen Not Bass 

  The Brunel Trophy

   Silver Eel Competition   

  The Commodore's Trophy
   *Trophy Currently Rested -

   Heaviest Individual Catch of Bass (Up to 4 fish bag)


  The Junior Challenge Cup

   Junior Best Specimen

  The Mortimer Challenge Cup

   Best Specimen Fish of The Year

  The Graham Trophy For Junior Achievement

   Junior Fisherman of The Year – Best 6 Different Specimens  

  Fisherman Of The Year Trophy

   Best 6 Different Specimens 

  The Phil and Carol Burrows Shield

   Competition Accumulator Champion


  The Blue Boy Trophy

    Best Achievement By A Newcomer (Fishing / Cruising)

  The Seamanship Trophy            TheTomlinson Trophy      

  For Displaying Good Seamanship    Saving of Life at Sea